Seidokan Memories

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Party-for-the-sake-of-having-a-party party.

No doubt about how this one will turn out.

Bill Merritt looks sluggish, but never fear...

Crystal's here! And with liquid fun!

Dancing is good for your timing.

Mike Aiton arrives to find the party going full steam.

Mike declines to take a turn dancing with the fabulous Crystal.

John steps in...

Crystal decides she dances best to surf music.

Natasha from Belarus says "I don't understand this humor."

A lower makiwara pad had to be installed for Jeanne-Marie, our shortest member.

Gasshuku! Special training in cold, damp, rural Pennsylvania.

Mr. Quinn gets serious.

Mr. Mackleer starts getting rough.

The "Wear Your Mouthguard" poster. Mr. Quinn's tooth is AWOL again.

German food at a Karate gathering is a little weird, but goes down well with beer.

"I'm glad this training is over."

"Hot shower, please."

Mr. Gill reflects on the weekend.

Mr. Aiton takes it all in stride.

Back to the lil' makiwara

A new generation of dojo members settle in.

When your instructor breaks your wrist, you're on guard from then on.

Sake tasting party!

Mr. Quinn accepting sake-pouring etiquette.

"That many bottles gone already?"

Returning the pour.

The lens makes it appear Quinn is punching Eric while Jeanne-Marie looks on in alarm. Or maybe it actually happened.