Seidokan Memories

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The end of the event draws near and the 108th kata is finished.

Party time.

Tim Chasey and John Irvine

Shooting beers--only when you're young!

Within a short time, the Seidokan dojo was a force to be reckoned with.

Official dojo portrait, 1993

The first of many kyu test day photos to come in the years ahead.

The core members of the kids' class. Rear: Espen Hansen, Chris McLaughlin, Guo Chi, Eric Mclaughlin. Front: Patrick McLaughlin, Brian Hoxter, Michael Camarote, Marc Vannin.

Doug Sisler launches a strong kick to the bag.

Josh Aronoff blocks Doug Sisler's kick.

Marc Vannin and Brian Hoxter love to trip Sensei.

Mr. Mackleer brings a date to the party who isn't sure what she got into...

Mr. Quinn after the famous sparring match with Luke Flemmer.

The best thing about kyu test days is relaxing with food and drink in the evening.

Nobetsu-Sensei visits the U.S. Frank Quinn is admonished to train hard.

Luke Flemmer looks on from behind.

Doc Negri's test for Yodan involved some good kumite, under Nobetsu-Sensei's watchful eye.

Jake Flemmer and Don McLaughlin, just before corrupting the morals of a minor (Guo Chi). They let him taste beer for his sixteenth birthday.

Nobetsu-Sensei has reviewed the troops from the American Seidokan.

Party time again.

The irrepressible Mr. Mackleer joins Crystal and John for a portrait.

Bill is amused by Mackleer's story.