Seidokan Memories

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"I'm a lumberjack and here's my shirt to prove it."

Crystal's statement that caused the pained look on John's face has been lost to time.

Mr. Mackleer, ever the life of the party.

Note the giant-hand-holding-beer-mug on the wall, which signified a dojo party.

Before you know it, another kyu test...

...which means another party!

The headlines read: MACKLEER CAPTURED BY CHINESE. The gang is introduced to the future Mrs. Mackleer.

The McLaughlin family has a unique space-saving strategy in their home.

Training with a Chito-Ryu group is a great way to stay sharp, as Mike Aiton finds.

Mr. Jim Davenport, an awesome karate man and senior practitioner in the Chito-Kai.

Off to vermont to train with Nobetsu-Sensei and for Doc to take his test for godan.



"When in doubt, choke him out."

Let him breathe a little...

Mr. Godshaw steps in to stop things.

The judges confer about the matter.

Brian Johnson looks on with concern.

Negri gets 5th dan rank.

Nobetsu-Sensei comes to celebrate in the West Virginia suite (party central).

"Translate what I just said for them."

"Uh...this isn't very politically correct..."

Joe Noll robs the ice bucket for his knee.

"Western women's hips get big after age forty. Have you noticed?" It's lucky she can't speak Japanese.

Time to relax and discuss the night's activities.

Starting to look like a college dormitory.

This was the trip where we were dubbed the "Animal House Dojo".

Nobetsu-Sensei once again glad to see his American students.

One-day practice with Norm Belsterling, another early Karate-ka in West Virginia. Norm started the Fairmont State College club and he and Doc were acquaintances in the '60s.

Kazu doing blocking practice.

Two generations of trouble-makers

Kyle is down, but not worried.

Why is this Doc's favorite seating? Because...'s the makiwara chair! Perfect for small apartments.

Terry Valentino, an old Chito-ryu friend from Pittsburgh, turned up in Washington, DC at a training.

A diner so good we had to have our picture taken with it.

Doc's reunion with old friend Patrick McCarthy.

She wore high heels. He had to be taller.