Seidokan 20th

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“No matter where I serve my guests…”

Mike Breiding, photographer for most of the day, was one of Doc’s first students, back in the ‘70s!

Feels good to sit down at last.

Nicholas Jarvis parties with Cookie the cat.

Mike Breiding aims his chopsticks at some of Eric McLaughlin’s prepared Asian delectables.

Mr. Mackleer’s bevy of beauties arrives.

The awaited reappearance of Bob Mackleer.

Hai-Wen Mackleer approves of the food.

Woody plays host in her 1950s kitchen.

Camera kumite.

Several McLaughlins sharing beer.

Mr. Quinn keeps his shades ready, even at 10 p.m.

The Mackleer clan makes a new friend.

The irrepressible Mr. Mackleer.

Tatia brightens the room.