Seidokan 20th

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Nicholas is becoming a fast kicker.


The nafuda where everyone’s names have hung at one time or another.

Doc explains finer points of Sanchin to the Pittsburgh contingent.

Joe Noll gives Woody some pointers on Saifa…

…while Walt “Matt” Harms practices his kata.

A good opportunity to learn from a sempai.

Switch those hands, J-M!

Frank “The Mighty” Quinn.

More stretching is good.

How to get taller.

A surprise visit from Mr. Paul Braddock from Pennsylvania to congratulate everyone.

Mr. Braddock was the first Goju-ryu instructor Doc ever trained with.

Mr. Charlie Krushansky, from the original Morgantown dojo in the ‘60s, and Doc’s longtime friend.

Francois Prizinski demonstrates his agility.

Tandem training in uraken.

Mr. Braddock enjoys watching the action.

Time to bang arms!

The women seem happy to have a female training partner for a change.


“Let’s see how hard this thing is…”

Gus and Doc share a moment.

Mr. Gill doesn’t think he’s tough enough yet, so he employs Mr. Jarvis.

There goes half of Gill’s two per cent body fat.

A discussion of the differences between Goju and Shotokan.

Meanwhile, kakete-kitae practice is going on.

Old-fashioned medicine ball time!

Someone said something really funny, but no one remembers what it was.

Mr. Gill just loves things hitting him in the gut.

Time to see if the old stance will still stick to the floor.

Don’t try this at home.

The Pittsburghers congratulate Negri-sensei on his sticky feet.

The Seidokan gang, 2011.

With guests and friends joining in.

A last kumite session before leaving.

Getting lively!

Mr. Braddock can’t stand not being in on the action…

…so he coaches Francois and Gus on power. And does he have it!

Time for sushi and the traditional celebratory drink of sake!

Mr. Aiton mourns the lack of good sushi where he lives.

Charlie and Doc talk about the old days.

Must leave the dojo in a clean state.

The o-soji ritual is one of the things that make traditional Karate special.

Almost done.

Now the party proper begins.

Jason and Eric Gill initiate the bar.

Mr. Gill is so powerful he clouds the film whenever his picture is taken.

Jeanne-Marie, giving her impish look.

Wendy Noll joins the party.