Seidokan 20th

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Jason Gill kicks off the 20th anniversary practice with Sanchin.

Discussing the agenda.

As dojo members arrive, the early birds warm up.

The older you are, the more warm-up required.

Better stretch well.

Mr. Gill does a spirited Saifa.

Practice begins in earnest.


Makiwara mauling!

Mike Aiton has come the longest distance—from Alberta, Canada!

Francois Prizinski returns to his old dojo and his old friends, the nigiri-game.

Walt Harms challenges the chiishi.

Eric McLaughlin wakes up the makiwara.

Joe Noll warms up with Saifa.

A big man with the finesse of a small man.

Partner practice of Shisochin by Don Mclaughlin and Jason Gill…

…joined in by Joe Noll.

Mr. Prizinski gets some pointers.

Everyone learns by watching as well as doing. Walt has never before seen so many senior practirioners.

A serious Seienchin performance.

Mr. Aiton finishes perfectly.

Everyone must have their Sanchin checked regularly.

The juniors film the performance to study later.

McLaughlin-sensei checks Negri-sensei’s state of tension.

Partner blocking drills are a distinguishing feature of Goju-ryu.

Flying hands.

Time for a stretch.

Defense against two opponents keeps Karen Woodfork busy.

Woody is undaunted even if outranked.

Walt looks on in awe of Mr. McLaughlin’s ability to hit the bare makiwara.

Only considerable conditioning makes it possible to hit bare wood without causing damage.

Knuckles like a ball-peen hammer.

Shuto-uchi must also be trained.

If a slicing action like this bends that board back, think what it will do to a human neck!

“Gus” Gusdonevich compares the makiwara to his own in Pittsburgh.

Mr. Gill must join in the fun of striking practice.

Multiple opponent practice continues.

Up, chiishi!

The “strength stone” is still the best way to develop basic Karate skills.

Also for developing blocking power.

Comparing notes on makiwara training.

Mr. Gusdonevich contemplates the makiwara before engaging.

Kumite with Mr. Noll and Mr. McLaughlin.

Keep the kata stream going! We have to make one hundred eight!

Francois enjoys banging arms once more in the old dojo.

Woody explains a bunkai to Walt.


Getting close to kata #108?

Kurt Jarvis wants to get back in action as soon as possible.

…and here he goes